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The Quantica Search and Selection is poised for expansion and we are looking for passionate, experienced and talented recruiters to join our team, to help our plans for growth become a reality.

The last few years have proven challenging within recruitment for businesses of all types. This has forced companies to rethink their strategies and look at ways of operating more efficiently and economically whilst trying to maintain the quality and variety of services. Quantica are no exception to this and we have undergone significant change in the last 2 years.

We now have a definite step change at Quantica. We have new leadership and direction from our group board, we have had significant investment into the infrastructure of our business and we are now looking to build on the amazing success that has been Quantica heritage for the last 20 years.

A restructure across Quantica has allowed the whole team to step up and feel refreshed. This change has empowered people to believe in themselves, given them the opportunity to pursue a career that is full of prospects and know exactly how to get there.

This Work for Us section will give you a clear understanding of why you should join Quantica . It will give you an insight into our:


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