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UK home to world’s most expensive caviar

UK home to world’s most expensive caviar

Caviar is often linked to the higher classes and something enjoyed at banquets and dinner parties of some of the wealthiest people in the world.

New research has now found that the world's most expensive caviar resides in the UK. Personal finance website noted that London's Caviar House & Prunier charge £14,720 for the fishy delicacy which was more costly than anywhere else on the planet. The UK's pricy food list did not stop there.

The website found that the British Isles also boasts a high priced sandwich, salad, ham and loaf of bread. Compiling the world's most expensive food menu five of the 15 courses on the breakfast, lunch and dinner menu were available to purchase in the UK. To purchase these alone would cost a huge £55,974.

On the menu was a luxurious bacon sandwich from The Bacon Bling in Tangberry's cafe in Cheltenham priced at £150. It is not your ordinary bacon butty though as it is topped with black truffles, truffle oil, gold leaf, gold dust and saffron and not forgetting the rare breed bacon. A slice of the Shepherd Loaf from Hobbs House Bakery in the Cotswolds would set a diner back £20.

Chris Sibbet, writer at, said: "Some dishes are easy to imagine why they're expensive: the ingredients are either rare or take a lot of time and effort to source. What makes Wagyu beef literally a cut above the rest? The cow where the beef comes from is massaged and fed on beer every single day of its short bovine life."

Away from the UK, the most expensive mangoes are found in Brisbane, Australia while those wanting an indulgent omelette can enjoy the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata at Norma's Restaurant in New York for just $1,000 (£590). Those wanting to splash out on a steak should head to Craftsteak restaurant, also in New York, to enjoy the Wagyu Rib-Eye for $2,800.


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