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Tesco launches food news website

Tesco launches food news website

Tesco has taken a bold new step by launching a food news website which is designed at calming fears in wake of the much-publicised horsemeat scandal.

The retailer has set the site live today (February 28th) and it features a video blog of chief executive Philip Clarke explaining the decisive measures that the company has made since this issue first broke out. Tesco has been embroiled in this saga after a number of its products were found to contain traces of horses DNA.

It forced officials to withdraw the tainted items from its shelves and it has raised questions of the quality of supply chains and whether or not there is enough transparency between companies and suppliers.

Tesco's response has been to launch the Tesco Food News site which aims to answer a number of key questions that many consumers may have. The company has also made strong commitments to its customer base in a bid to re-build its reputation that has been slightly tarnished in the scandal that has engulfed the nation.

However, Mr Clarke moved to reassure consumers and Tesco Food's webpage promised: "We know that the discovery of horsemeat in products sold in several major retailers, including Tesco, has shaken your trust in food retailers and the products we sell.

"You've told us that you want to buy British. And that the journey from farm to fork should be far less complicated. We've listened to what you have said, and we’re making some real and lasting changes."

Tesco is not only organisation that has been caught up in this issue with the likes of Findus and even Ikea being highlighted for having products that contained horsemeat.

The former was found to have a beef lasagne that consisted of up to 100 per cent horsemeat while the Swedish furniture company had to withdraw a batch of meatballs due to traces of horse DNA. Both firms have also moved to alleviate fears of consumers across the nation.


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