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Reebok launches own brand bacon

Reebok launches own brand bacon

Sports clothing company Reebok is looking to boost people's fitness with the launch of its own uncured bacon.

In a novel approach the firm is looking improve its consumer engagement strategy ahead of the Reebok CrossFit Games. The company said that many of its customers that purchase items from its CrossFit range of fitness training clothing are on a Palaeolithic diet and loved munching on bacon. It felt the natural move was to produce its own bacon.

The Paleolithic diet, often referred to as the caveman diet, uses modern foods but based on those food groups which were consumed during prehistoric times. It has become an increasingly popular diet across the world with people indulging on protein while reducing the amount of carbohydrates and salt they consume.

Reebok has identified these properties and ensured that its Reebok Bacon is uncured and is free from nitrate, preservatives, monosodium glutamate or sweeteners. The company explained that the meat is packaged in dry ice to keep the bacon refrigerated before it is cooked. It can only be purchased on a mail order basis being sent directly to athletes while spectators will be able to purchase it from a food truck at the Games.

In a statement, Reebok said: "To engage with the CrossFit community including those competing at the Games and those cheering them on in the stands, in a unique and fun way, Reebok is celebrating this love of bacon delivering Reebok Bacon to the community."

The Reebok CrossFit Games started in the US on July 25th following a series of regional events across the world. They test a wide range of abilities in athletes both in physical and mental attributes. Rich Froning from the Central East region currently tops the leaderboard but will be challenged all the way as the Games progress.


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