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Heinz reassures consumer fears over beef products

Heinz reassures consumer fears over beef products

Heinz has publically stated that its range of products is not affected by the horsemeat scandal that has engulfed the UK in recent days.

The manufacturer, along with Birds Eye, moved to alleviate the fears of consumers and retailers by announcing that it does not source its meat products from the Comigel. The French supplier has been at the heart of the horsemeat scandal after Findus had to withdraw its beef lasagne products when they were found to contain 60 to 100 per cent horse meat. Both Heinz and Birds Eye sell a number of frozen products but reassured customers that they were not involved in production of foods which contain horse DNA.

Heinz said that it uses meat from whole muscle cuts, where possible, adding that it was confident that it had not received any beef that had been affected by a survey from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland which tested for contaminated meat products.

Birds Eye also spoke out about the horsemeat issue and maintained that it sourced its products from "trusted, long-term suppliers" which had given assurances that everything brought in was correctly labelled.

A statement from the company read: "We want you to know that Birds Eye takes its product quality control extremely seriously and in light of recent events, we are introducing a comprehensive DNA testing programme. This will help us be sure that we continue to reach the exacting standards that all our customers have come to expect."

The horsemeat case has rumbled on following the raid of an abattoir in Todmorden, West Yorkshire and a meat company near Aberystwyth by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). The organisation suspended operations and seized paperwork at both of these facilities. It has now stated that there be a "relentless" inquiry into the mislabelling of horsemeat to find the route of the problem.

The government has already condemned the scandal stating that it would be "totally unacceptable" if businesses were attempting to pass off horsemeat as beef to the unsuspecting public.


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