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Govt looking to reduce UK salt consumption

Govt looking to reduce UK salt consumption

The UK government has announced a major drive to help reduce the amount of salt that people in the country consume.

Public health minister Anna Soubry is looking to cut the amount of seasoning that goes into products that are sold on supermarket shelves in the UK. In a move which is in conjunction with the Responsibility Deal, the new Salt Strategy will indicate how the Department of Health (DH) will look to reduce salt consumption down from the current average of 8.1g to 6g a day. It is designed to get the country eating healthier and reduce the risk of any overriding problems that may occur due to poor diet.

The DH highlighted research that showed over half of the public rarely or never consider the amount of salt they are consuming when buying food. However, 86 per cent admitted that they knew that too much was bad for their health. Ministers have already highlighted a range of options that will help people slash the amount of salt they eat in their food.

Among these measures include revising the 2012 salt targets by the end of the year in a bid to prompt companies to reformulate their recipes. Firms in the catering and takeaway sector will also be asked to do more by setting a maximum target for popular products such as sandwiches and crisps.

Dr Susan Jebb, Responsibility Deal Food Network chair, said: "This strategy combines work to develop new targets for reformulation, with action to urge more companies to play their full part and renewed efforts to encourage consumers to do more to reduce the salt we're eating."

Salt can cause a range of adverse health problems as an over-consumption can hold more water in a person's kidneys. This then has the potential to raise blood pressure and put a strain on vital components such as arteries, heart and brain. Eating more salt will also increase the amount of sodium that is put into a person's bloodstream.


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