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Coca-Cola launches anti-obesity campaign in the UK

Coca-Cola launches anti-obesity campaign in the UK

Coca-Cola is bringing its anti-obesity campaign to the UK in a series of television adverts in a bid to promote healthy living.

The company is extending its Responsibility Deal commitments and is aiming to be instrumental in tackling the global obesity problem that is growing at a rapid rate. Coca-Cola will air a two minute advert this evening (March 6th) on ITV and Channel 4 entitled "Coming Together". The goal of the ad is to highlight the importance of keeping an eye on the amount of calories that a person consumes when they are looking to manage their weight.

Coke will also be promoting its range of products designed to reduce the amount of fat and sugar that people take in. The company is launching a new low calorie Sprite version which will eventually replace the lemonade completely in the near future. The product contains herbal sweetener stevia and is part of the organisation's commitment as part of the Department of Health's Responsibility Deal Calories Reduction Pledge which it signed up for 11 months ago.

James Quincey, Coca-Cola Company Europe Group president, said:: “Obesity is a serious problem and I am determined we will take more actions in Europe to help address it. The actions announced today build on our earlier efforts and are part of a long-term commitment.”

Coke has been more conscious of introducing low-calories options for people that enjoy the taste of its beverages but do not want to take in as much sugar that comes with a standard full-fat bottle. It launched Coca-Cola Zero in 2005 which gave people a different option away from the standard Diet Coke, which had been aimed more toward women than their male counterparts.

The beverage has proved marginally successful and currently accounts for six per cent of the company's overall brand sales. This new advertising campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the soft drink as an alternative to the full-fat version that can contain a large amount of calories.


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