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Yorkshire sausage company gets supermarket deal

Yorkshire sausage company gets supermarket deal

Heck Foods, a North Yorkshire-based food firm specialising in the manufacturing of sausages, has signed a deal to begin supplying leading upmarket grocery retailer Waitrose with its products.

The business has already been selling its sausages in 500 Tesco stores throughout the UK, as well as supplying a number of Asda supermarkets with its goods, the Yorkshire Post reports. 

Waitrose is the latest retailer to begin to stock Bedale-based Heck Foods' meaty products, which are available in a range of flavours, including smoky chorizo, plump pork and apple and chicken italia. 

Heck Foods was established by Debbie and Andrew Keeble, who have previous experience of starting up a sausage business venture.

The entrepreneurial couple's children are now involved too, which has enabled the food firm to widen its consumer base, attracting a younger market than before. This has proved successful, with 50 per cent of all sales coming from new customers.

A spokesman explained: "Everyone in the company - apart from Debbie and Andrew - is under 25-years-old. The sales team is headed up by Jamie Keeble with sister Ellie adding support at store level and in data management. Roddy, the younger brother, heads up production and distribution."

The younger sibling's role involves running the Masham factory where all the sausages are produced, as well as being responsible for attending meetings with supermarkets and taking samples to shows.

In addition, three former school friends of the couple's children now work for the sausage business too, which works well for the firm as all its staff share the same work ethic and values.

Heck Foods prides itself on the quality of its products, only using pork shoulder, hand mixing and making no more than 50 kilograms of sausage mixture at a time to ensure its produce is of the highest possible standard.

During its first year in operation, Heck Foods reported sales in the region of £3 million, with this figure expected to increase to around £7 million by April 2015. Overall, the UK's sausage market is worth approximately £400 million.


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