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Unilever introduces measures to slash emissions

Unilever introduces measures to slash emissions

Unilever is taking bold steps to reduce its carbon emissions and is set to trial dual-fuel technology in its fleet of vehicles.

The manufacturing company is integrating the new initiative into the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, which is a ten-year scheme to double the size of the business while simultaneously reducing its impact on the environment significantly. This move is just the latest development in its operations and will involve turning towards new technologies and dual-fuel trials where vehicles can run on petrol and liquefied petroleum gas. It is designed to make the organisation more efficient but sustainable at the same time. reported that Unilever has been making considerable progress in its carbon emission reduction targets. The company recently released its year two update, which showed that it had slashed carbon dioxide emission by ten per cent throughout 2012. Since 2008 it has cut one million tonnes of the gas from its manufacturing and logistics operations.

Lorraine Amos, supply chain logistics project manager for Unilever UK and Ireland, explained that this positive result has been down to a switch in focus. The company has been looking at how to fill up its trucks more efficiently, meaning that there were fewer and fuller shipments hitting the roads across the two countries.

“We are looking at a number of new technologies. This will get a minimum of ten per cent reduction in the amount of fuel and if you add that up by the number of trucks we have on the road, you’ll start seeing a big impact," Ms Amos told the news provider.

Unilever was recently blighted by poor weather in Europe and the UK, which led to a drop in ice cream sales. reported that while it had managed to be boosted by strong revenues across the rest of the globe, notably the US, a spate of snow and freezing temperatures and had put people off purchasing the products in Europe.


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