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Nestle to create more UK jobs

Nestle to create more UK jobs

Nestle has announced that it intends to create around 1,900 jobs, including 300 paid work experience placements, across the UK and Ireland.

The company, which is the world's biggest food manufacturer, has also pledged to offer more opportunities for those under the age of 30 at all levels, from the factory floor all the way to business management.

The plans are part of the company's European Youth Employment Initiative, which aims to help as many as 20,000 young workers from across the continent find employment.

It will attempt to do so by offering 10,000 jobs and a further 10,000 apprenticeship schemes.

Nestle UK and Ireland chief executive officer Fiona Kendrick said: “With youth unemployment steadily rising we all need to play our part in creating opportunities for the next generation.

“Industry must step up and help young people bridge the gap between education and employment,” she said. “We cannot leave this problem to the government and schools.”

Nestle's announcement follows on from their own survey that suggests nine out of ten businesses across the UK feel that youngsters are not fully equipped for the working world once leaving school.

Despite 62 per cent of the 250 business leaders surveyed in the study claiming that work experience was the only way for youngsters to gain the skills they needed, only 30 per cent said that they actually benefitted from it.

Another 79 per cent of teachers and 62 per cent of students however, did agree that work experience was an important part in preparing young people for the working world.

Nestle opened up its Fast Start Programme back in September, whcih offers A-Level students placements lasting six months within commer functions, alongside study for a degree in Professional Business Practice at Sheffield Hallam University.

The company said that this latest announcement would build on the work of the Nestle Academy, which was launched back in 2011 with an aim to offer internships, graduate courses, apprenticeships and job placements.


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