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Korean food sales ‘on the up in UK’

Korean food sales ‘on the up in UK’

The British have always enjoyed foreign cuisine, from pasta to curries and Chinese dishes, but now it is Korean food that is taking over kitchen cupboards all over the country.

According to Waitrose, the desire for unusual foods is leading to middle England looking to South Korea.

Popular ingredients include SOJU rocket, a distilled grain spirit that is sold by the supermarket, where sales have leapt by 42 per cent in the last year.

Other Korean ingredients soaring in popularity with shoppers at Waitrose include sesame seeds and Tofu, with year-on-year increases in sales of 39 per cent and ten per cent respectively. Kimchi, a type of pickled cabbage, is also rising in popularity.

Korean food is generally served like tapas, with a range of different ingredients dished up in small amounts, to enable those dining to mix and match.

Speaking to the Times about the growing popularity of foodstuffs from the country, Waitrose chief executive Jonathan Moore said: "It's got what I refer to as sweet, salty, sour, bitter notes that you're used to with Vietnamese and Chinese food.

"It's very light, unlike in some Thai dishes where you can have a lot of coconut cream."

Mr Moore said the increase in Korean food consumption by Britons is a clear sign that the UK is getting "more adventurous with their tastebuds".

Of course, there will be some kinds of Korean food that might be a bite too far for Britons, such as Gaegogi, a dish made with dog meat.

While westerners learn to enjoy the taste of the east, Koreans themselves are, of course, increasingly exposed to western food.

This is particularly the case when it comes to cheese, not least as pizza has grown in popularity in the country.

According to French website La Lettre, Kim Jong-un has sent a delegation of cheese experts to the National Dairy Industry College at Besancon to learn how to make the perfect Emmental.

This is despite the fact that Emmental actually comes from Switzerland, with the North Korean leader developing a liking for it when he studied there.


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