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Freedom Food become RSPCA Assured

Freedom Food become RSPCA Assured

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has announced that its Freedom Food mark is set to be rebranded as RSPCA Assured next year.

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the initiative, the charity says the move is based on research which indicates that the RSPCA’s own name is a much more recognisable and trustworthy indicator for consumers.

Surveys have found that the majority of consumers said they would recognise and trust an RSPCA-branded mark as an indication of animal welfare. That is possibly because the charity says it has prompted awareness of 96 per cent and remains easily the most recognisable animal welfare charity in the country.

The move will only apply to the consumer-facing brand - the welfare mark will continue to be known within the industry as Freedom Food, which will also remain the name of the limited company.

As part of a bid to make clear exactly what the welfare mark represents, the new logo incorporates images of a chicken, pig and fish, all of which are covered by the scheme, but crucially it features the name of the RSPCA prominently.

Farmers’ Guardian reports that the move will make it clear that the welfare mark covers farm animals inspected to the charity’s standards whether indoors, outdoors, free range or organic. That will help to relieve concerns that many consumers believed it only applied to free range animals.

“We know from our research that by using a brand so closely aligned to the RSPCA, consumers will immediately recognise it as an animal welfare mark,” says Freedom Food chief executive Jeremy Cooper.

“We believe it will bring significant benefits to our members, retailers and to the food service industry - and help bring RSPCA welfare standards to millions more farm animals.”

Mike Tomlinson, chair of the RSPCA Council of Trustees, added that it is obvious animal welfare is just an important an issue for consumers today as it was two decades ago, and that the rebrand will make it easier for shoppers to act on those values by finding products with the right welfare standards.


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