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Food Standards Agency issues turkey warning

Food Standards Agency issues turkey warning

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued a warning that advises people to avoid eating turkey that has been produced in unapproved premises in Wales.

These specific turkey meat cuts - known as butterflies - have been produced by Severnside Provisions Ltd in Newport, South Wales. The FSA warns that these cuts of meat should not be consumed as they have been manufactured in conditions that fail to meet the required hygiene standards for food production.  

The firm produced around 12 tonnes of turkey butterflies and these were then supplied to independent butchers and catering outlets throughout South and Mid Wales, south west and south central England.

At the moment, approximately eight tonnes of the unhygienic meat has been retained and has been prevented from entering the food chain - this was due to the intervention of Newport City Council.

The FSA advises that, currently, there is no evidence that the meat poses a direct threat to health, but it must be recalled as it is illegal to supply meat from unapproved premises.

Severnside Provisions Ltd is a premises that has been approved for the processing of bacon, but the company has been illegally processing turkeys in conditions that fail to meet the required hygiene standards.

The FSA said: “Investigations by the local authority are ongoing as to the circumstances of how this meat was processed.”

Those shoppers who have already purchased a turkey butterfly have been advised to check with the shop whether the meat was originally processed by Severnside Provisions, and if this is the case they have been warned not to eat it.

In the mean time, local authorities have been charged with the task of making sure that this product has been completely withdrawn from sale and destroyed.

Severnside Provisions Ltd’s managing director, Anthony O'Sullivan, has said that the unfit turkeys never actually left the premises and did not enter any shops.

According to the local newspaper, the South Wales Argus, the meat was condemned because it was in a part of the warehouse not covered by a licence.



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