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Cake manufacturer invests millions in production

Cake manufacturer invests millions in production

Bright Blue Foods cake business is transforming its sites of production by investing millions into the business, according to chief executive officer, Andrew Johnson.

The company appears to be undergoing a complete transformation. Earlier this month it announced that it would be changing its name from McCambridge Foods to Bright Blue Foods to reflect a new corporate identity that employed fresh thinking and innovation to the cake and pastry industry.

Bright Blue Foods’ headquarters is in Blackburn, but they have five factories in eight different locations across the UK and in Poland. It is a highly successful and productive business, producing over half a billion cakes every year for UK and European supermarkets.

To continue this business transformation the company will be investing millions of pounds into their factories over the next three years. 

In an interview with, Mr Johnson said: “We will put £0.5 million to £0.75 million into the factory in the coming year and plan a further £3-4 million over the next three years.

The company has recently secured new funding and has already been able to invest £1 million into the factory that produces celebration cakes. 

Mr Johnson added: “We have created a clean room, temperature controlled and effectively running to high care standard.”

Bright Blue Foods has plans in the pipeline for its factory in Poland as it provides a cost-effective supply of confectionary to UK consumers.

The factory currently employs 250-350 employees, which means it is running at below 60 per cent capacity. There are plans in place to begin a recruitment programme to find highly skilled workers and the company also wishes to strengthen the knowledge and skills of its current workforce.

Mr Johnson told the online publication: “We are recruiting procurement, operations, technical and other experts to make sure we can run the factory efficiently.”

Bright Blue Foods also plans to invest money into its Blackburn innovation facility and hopes the site will be fully operational by the summer of 2014.


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