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Arla launches ‘Support Our Farmers’ campaign

Arla launches ‘Support Our Farmers’ campaign

Arla is urging consumers to invest in smaller dairy farmers as part of a new initiative.

The company's 'Support Our Farmers' project aims to get the public buying dairy produce made by struggling farmers. The national marketing campaign includes press advertisements, leaflet distribution and social media activity informing the public which products are made by Arla. Officials want the campaign to help dairy farmers achieve a better price for their milk.

Ash Amirahmadi, Arla's head of milk and member services, explained that the campaign is designed to develop a "proactive way" in which dairy farmers can have a much more competitive milk pricing system. It represents the first in a series of activities planned over the next 12 months and "reinforce the credentials of Arla's brands" and highlight that all profits are paid back to the company's farmers.

Speaking to The Grocer, Mr Amirahmadi said: "British consumers already know our brand but not necessarily that they are owned by Arla. We want to help them understand how buying Arla products directly benefits the one in four British dairy farmers who own the Arla co-operative."

The price of milk has been a contentious issue for Arla in recent months. Following sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union and the US, Russia retaliated by issuing a food ban on the countries putting the sanctions in place. As a result, Arla announced that it was reducing its standard milk price to €1.5 cents/kg (1.2p a litre) from September.

At the time, Mr Amirahmadi said that the Russian food ban had affected companies across the West and while the nation did announce that it would be easing its dairy ban it still had an impact on milk prices. In September, the standard litre price was set at 30.38p per litre for firms across the sector.


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