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2 Sisters to cut energy use with new vacuum pumps

2 Sisters to cut energy use with new vacuum pumps

2 Sisters Food Group has announced that it has installed two new vacuum pumps, designed to cut the amount of energy it uses in order to save money  at its Cavaghan and Gray ready meal manufacturing plant in Carlisle.

The Busch Dolphin LX liquid ring vacuum pumps will provide the facility with faster cooking times at a lower temperature, meaning that the amount of energy used is set to be significantly cut.

The pumps are designed to operate within production processes that involve a large amount of water and steam, as they are unaffected by any form of moisture, as it is absorbed and discharged.

Another benefit is the robust construction of the products, as well as the fact that they emit low amounts of heat.

Mark Sumall, UK sales director for Busch, said: “Our Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps are particularly appropriate for cooking applications such as this. They can easily cope with the steam and water generated from the process while at the same time delivering excellent performance and energy savings for our customer.”

The liquid ring technology works with just one moving part, the impeller shaft assembly, which is fixed next to the casing.

Process gas enter via a suction port and travels between the impeller blades before being compressed. It is then ejected through the discharge port with a quantity of service liquid.

The Carlisle site manufactures a number of products for use in ready meals for 2 Sisters, including ratatouille, white wine sauce, as well as a number of filings.

Matt Soden, category buyer for engineering at 2 Sisters said that such quality equipment was needed in order to create a high-quality product within an environment with prominent levels of moisture, while also keeping costs down was also an important priority.

He said: “Installing the Busch Dolphins means we are able to deliver first-class savoury products that are cooked to the best possible standard while also meeting our energy use reduction requirements."


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